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UCCaaS Solution

Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) from Verizon and Cisco gives organizations the edge with benefits in cost control and productivity. This cloud collaboration solution provides a dependable, secure method of uniting disparate workers into a single, unified group, via:

Core Call Control and SIP session services. Voice and desktop video call/session control, voice services and plug and play provisioning of IP phone features.

Voice and Integrated/Unified Messaging features and services. Including Web Voice Mail, IMAP integration for Microsoft® Outlook® and IMAP integration for mobile client.

Unified Presence Desktop Soft Client. A unified client for chat, voicemail, phone control, Softphone, directory lookup and telephony presence. Cisco presence services can be integrated with other third party IM/presence applications as well.

Mobile Client Supporting BYOD. Provides secure access to UCCaaS voice and messaging features from many mobile phone and tablet devices. Mobile users seamlessly become part of the enterprise communication platform with access to abbreviated dialing, directory services and voicemail, for both inbound and outbound calling.

Audio and Net Conferencing service. An unlimited number of audio conferences (up to 20 ports per call) and/or net conferences (up to 200 participants with U.S. access numbers.) Verizon audio conferencing service offers Toll, Toll Free and IP access options.

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